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Don't be too quick to judge

My beautiful niece.

Children of all ages need all the love and attention in the world. Whether they are all grown up or have just entered the world.

This little one makes my heart melt every time I visit her. She has a heart of gold!

As you can see from this photograph I took of her, she loves food. Whether it ends up in her mouth or all around it, she doesn't care. She's just being herself.

This is one thing I admire about children, they are just being themselves. This little one isn't old enough to realise all the judgement and stereotypes that we are surrounded by in this world. She doesn't aim to please anyone, she's just happy. She is herself and is just enjoying her life.

It shouldn't matter what children want to do, if they enjoy it then you should let them be happy. Be proud of them for who they are. Be thankful that they are not old enough to understand the stereotypes and judgements in the world that make people want to be something they are not in fear that they will be judged for being who they want to be.

A child could throw a tantrum in public and some of us would just think they're spoilt and being well, childish. However we don't really know the full reason behind the tantrum, it could be their way of coping in that situation. So before we start judging, remember that we don't know what that child is thinking during their episode. They could be scared, anxious or even suffering from a disability. But a lot of us are to quick to judge before we know the real story.

I'm happy that a lot more people and children are becoming more and more confident with who they want to be, not hiding behind the shadows. Disregarding all the judgements and being themselves.

This photograph I took just captures how happy she is, enjoying her life and just being all around thankful for everything she has as well as being surrounded by her loved ones.

This little one is one of the bravest and down to earth children I know, I'm happy to call her my niece.

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