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Cos-players Killing it!

I love how people have the confidence to go out and showcase their skills and talent. As well as being themselves. It takes a lot for someone to do this, some people have the confidence whereas others don't.

The time and hours people put into doing these cosplays are astonishing. The fact that people are so passionate about their outfits and spend hundreds of pounds on their outfits makes them feel good. And when they can achieve something as incredible as this it shows all their hard work has paid off.

The fact people love to walk around at cosplay conventions to show the world what they achieved. It's their own personal sense of achievement.

Cosplayers enter competitions, and if they win again it's an even bigger sense of achievement for them personally. Whether there is a prize or not. Even if they don't win they still feel like they have accomplished something just by entering the competition and showing their skills to an audience.

The passion in a community like this is incredible.

I'm glad I can photograph such a great community, and help them showcase their ideas and talent.

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