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A Wild Razer Snapshot

When I'm behind the camera everything else just washes away.

Thinking about how simplistic some products are, (just like the one above) and how I can bring them to life. I think about how I can really capture the essence of the individual products, no matter how dull they may seem.

In this one image I have tried to capture three different Razer gaming products, but at the same time having the focus being on one main product. The idea of having similar products in one image but having one main focus brings me joy.

But it's not all about taking the photographs, it's not all about the feeling you get when you're behind the camera it's the accomplishment you feel when you edit the photographs afterwards, when the photographs start coming to life right in front of your eyes. Something like this just make you feel great. They make you feel successful.

When people start seeing the photographs that you yourself created, they then start complimenting them or even giving you tips on how you can improve still makes you feel worthwhile. It makes you feel like all that effort and endless hours you put into to your passion has made not just you happy but other people too!

Being behind the camera is an escape for some people, it feels like a different world. It's better than imagination.

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