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A Crowd Appeared at MCM Comic Con

I had the pleasure of working alongside a company called 'Streamers Connected' during the event MCM ComicCon in London on the 25th - 27th of May 2018.

Streamers Connected are a business/company that focus' on content creators around the world. Streamers Connected started last year and they have progressed massively, growing and growing throughout the year. Working with many different companies and gaining amazing sponsors.

Throughout the year they have attend many gaming events as well as Comic Cons across the UK, with many volunteers in tow.

They have a discord server with over 8000 content creators from across the world.

This is a snapshot of just a small bit of the crowd that were sitting and watching the live Fortnite gameplay that was being held on the Streamers Connected stage.

As you can see in the above photograph, there wasn't enough seats for people to sit down and watch so people were standing around the seating area and watching the gameplay that was happening.

I will also be having the pleasure of joining the lovely guys from Streamers Connected in more upcoming events that they will be attending so stay tuned for more exciting photographs!

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